Restricting Ability to Pre-Fill Out Checklists
asked Dec 22, 2017 in Zip Checklist by anonymous
Is there a way to restrict the time frame on a specific checklist so someone is not able to fill out the checklist outside of that time frame? For instance, if I have a prep checklist that must be complete by 1 pm, no one can come in at 8 am and check off that they completed that checklist. Or if they forget to complete the checklist, they cannot go back in and complete it after 1 pm.

1 Answer

answered Dec 22, 2017 by mtraino (540 points)
At this time there is not a way to restrict employees from marking a task as completed. If the entire checklist has not been completed by the set time than a push notification will be sent to the managers phone, if they have the mobile app.