Using a phone, I am unable to see the following weeks shifts. How can I fix this?
asked Nov 10, 2016 in Zip Schedules by Eric

1 Answer

answered Nov 10, 2016 by anonymous
Hi Eric,
You can only see the shifts that have been published by your manager. If they have the schedule made but it has not yet been published you will not be able to see it.
commented Nov 10, 2016 by anonymous
I am the manager, and I am unable to see following weeks on the mobile app. This is a new development in the past few days. I've published out through the end of November for both of my restaurants.
commented Nov 10, 2016 by anonymous
Hello Eric, by any chance are you using an iPhone device?  If yes, there is a known problem with the right arrow to move forward to the next weeks, however, if you select the date in the middle you will get a calendar from which you can select the week you want to move forward to.  This issue has already been reported to our development team and should be fixed soon.  I apologize for the inconvenience.