How to change email domain for employees?
asked Feb 2, 2017 in Zip Schedules by Victor Calderon
Email domains need to change for our staff before March 1st, is this something that I can do? Or does it have to be handled by the support team.
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1 Answer

answered Feb 2, 2017 by anonymous
Hello Victor,
This is something you or your managers can do, if you go to the employee tab then click on the individual employee, their contact information will be displayed and you can make changes to their email addresses.
commented Feb 2, 2017 by Victor Calderon
I was able to do this, with one exception. How do I change the email domain for the owner of the account? Even though I have permission to login into this account, I'm not able to do it.
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commented Feb 2, 2017 by anonymous
To change the the owners email address you will need to send in a support ticket stating the current owner email address and what you would like it changed to. This change has to be done through our end.