How do I bulk update positions?
asked Oct 22, 2016 in Zip Schedules by Seth
I have over 100 employees and I would like to bulk add positions or certifications. Can I do this via an excel import? Is there a way to bulk edit employees from the web interface? 
For the bar example. Say I have Bartenders, Waitstaff, and Janitors.
- Is there a way for me to select 35 of my 100 employees and assign them all as "bartenders & janitor" 
- Select 25 as "Bartender only"
- Select 30 as "Waitstaff" only
- Select 10 as "Janitor" only

1 Answer

answered Nov 11, 2016 by anonymous
Hello Seth,
You can upload your employee list i including the positions. You would need to have those positions available in Hubworks before you do the upload so they can get assigned during the upload.  You can download a Sample employee upload file from the Employee page in Hubworks by selecting the Import CSV button.

commented Nov 20, 2016 by Seth
Is there anyway to bulk modify people inside the app? For example, if we do a structural reorganization, is there a way to bulk edit people without another import?