What are the differences between employee types in Zip Schedules
asked May 27, 2016 in Zip Schedules by anonymous
I know the basics of Manager and Crew but I can't find any specific list of employee-type specific options.

1 Answer

answered Jun 8, 2016 by Neal
All employee types settings can be reviewed and customized here: 
Manage Account > Administrator and Access Privileges > Manage Site Level user Privileges

There are 4 employee types in Zip Schedules: Crew, Supervisor, Manager and Administrator:
  • Crew is the default employee type and can only receive their schedule, send messages and make requests.
  • Supervisors can responds to requests, create schedules and make edits but cannot change the site settings.
    • Managers can edit site settings.
To change an employee’s type from the schedule, click who you want to update and then select “Edit Employee”. Choose the employee type from the dropdown and click “Update”.
To add administrators, you can go to Administrator and Access Privileges > Admin Users
  • Any manager can be made an admin and you can restrict what sites they are the administrator for.
  • You can also add new admin's that are not staffed at the specific site but just site administrators.