How do I set up multipe pay rates for a person who works multiple positions?
asked Apr 15, 2016 in Zip Schedules by Jen Clawson
Many of my employees are cross-trained and will work multiple positions that have different pay rates.
ie:  server makes $5.03/hr   and   expo makes $8.05

1 Answer

answered Apr 19, 2016 by Neal
To set up multiple pay rates follow the steps below:
  1. first add your positions by going to App Settings > Positions.
  2. Now go to the Employees Section.
    • when you add or edit one of your employees enter their standard pay rate under General Information.
    • Switch to Positions and select all of the positions your employee belongs to.
      • Next to the position you've added you'll be able to:
        • Give them a skill rating out of 5 star
        • See their Standard Pay Rate
        • Add any Incremental Pay for the position
        • Delete the position